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Anna was only one of 2 lawyers recommended to me by a group that focuses on mental health and social issues. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring.

Her due diligence and tenacity in getting the details right, were spot on. She would at times even provide information to other attorneys that they obviously didn't have a handle on. She worked hard on getting and preparing the right witnesses including myself.

Anna was successful in getting my primary goal awarded by the court. There were other goals that were not met but I saw that as a failing of the system based on the judges’ comments, since Anna worked hard in those areas as well.

To be fully honest, my court experience left me somewhat disappointed with our legal system especially regarding how it deals with the legal aspects of mental health issues. Some of the lawyers I encountered in this process left a lot to be desired and one even did some things which shocked and bothered me. In my experience, Anna was the top bright spot and certainly a credit to her profession. I would hire Anna again in a heartbeat and give her my highest recommendation.

- Louie

As a school bus driver with a case unjustly brought against me by child protective services, several lawyers declined to take my case, even though to many it seemed as though I was blatantly being wronged. To my great relief Anna decided to take my case and did a fantastic job! All charges brought against me by this CPS worker were dismissed! I will be recommending Anna to anyone that needs legal help!

- Mike

Anna was hired for criminal defense involving a domestic partnership, but ended up handling family law, employment law, a referral for real estate law, a referral for an out-of-town DUI, and power of attorney. I would not hesitate to go to Anna again if I have legal problems. If they're not in her domain she'll find me someone else. I have total confidence in this. Anna is a brilliant, realistic lawyer and thoroughly human. Her counsel is seriously on par with my psychiatrist's (as I used to tell her). Love Anna!

- Sarah

I would recommend Anna Dvorchik to anyone. She took on my case and did everything she said she would and resolved everything completely. It was very refreshing to have it go so smoothly. I just had to leave a review because I was so impressed with her professionalism and ability.

- Michael

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